The circuit is conceived as an amateur Stableford tournament, being played on each course under this premise and on a single 18-hole competition day. Six golf courses will be played on the regular circuit plus a Final, using the Stableford Best Ball teams category.

The Grand Final at Real Club Valderrama will be played by the 6 best couples classified in the final handicap ranking and the 6 best couples classified in the Scratch category ranking. In addition, the winning pair in the Scratch category and the winning pair in the handicap category of each of the six regular events will qualify immediately for the Grand Final to be held at the Real Club Valderrama.

The maximum EGA game handicap will be 24.4 for men and 32.4 for women.


6 golf courses will be played in San Roque on the dates chosen by the tournament organisers and this date will be published at least one month in advance before the start of the first opening round. Sotogrande Golf Challenge 2021 golf course headquarters will be at La Reserva de Sotogrande, Alcaidesa Links Resort (Heathland Course), The San Roque Club (Old Course), Almenara Golf, La Cañada Golf Club and the Real Club de Golf Sotogrande, and the Gran Final at Real Valderrama Golf Club.

The circuit is devised as a Stableford tournament, being played on each course under this premise and on a single 18-hole competition day. All courses will be played under the Stableford Best Ball Team category.

Teams will be able to choose to compete the entire Sotogrande Golf Challenge circuit or register only for individual events on the calendar. The qualiying teams will be the 12 best teams in the ranking, 6 scratch and 6 handicap ones. It is not compulsory to play a minimum number of tournaments for it to count for the global ranking giving access to the Grand Final competition at Real Valderrama Golf Club. In addition, teams that only play individual events on the calendar will be able to choose to add points to the ranking that giving them access to the grand final at RC Valderrama.

Remind you that due to the current protocols, there will be no awards ceremony at the end of each of the tests. In this sense, a joint awards ceremony will be held after the last regular test at the Real Club Sotogrande on the weekend of September 18-19, where all the awards / prizes will be presented to the successful participants. such as those classified for the Grand Final to be played at RC Valderrama in November.



26th June

La Reserva Club

10th July

Alcaidesa Links Golf Resort

 ( Heathland Course)

24th July

The SanRoque Club Old Course

14th August

Almenara Golf

28th August

La Cañada Golf

18th-19 Sept.

RCG Sotogrande

11th November

RC Valderrama ( Final )



The final ranking will be determined by the points obtained in each of the disputed events. Therefore each participating teams has the possibility of adding points based on their qualifying position, which will be distributed as follows:

1.- Qualified Team: 100 points
2.- Qualified Team: 80 points
3.- Qualified Team: 75 points
4.- Qualified Team: 70 points
5.- Qualified Team: 65 points
6.- Qualified Team: 60 points
7.- Qualified Team: 55 points
8.- Qualified Team: 50 points
9.- Qualified Team: 45 points
10.- Qualified Team: 40 points

From position 11, inclusive, all participating couples who complete and deliver their card will add 10 points that will add to their final ranking while teams who have not presented results or who have not completed their competition day will not add any points to its accumulated points.



1st TEAM: Commemorative trophy, sports equipment, 100% discount on the registration of the team for the 2022 circuit * and voucher for 2 GF.

2nd TEAM: Commemorative trophy, sports equipment, 50% discount on the registration of the team for the 2022 circuit * and voucher for 2 GF.

3rd TEAM: Sports equipment, 25% discount for circuit 2022 * and voucher for 2 GF. .

* In the event that for any reason the complete or partial 2022 edition of the circuit is not played, this prize will not be given to the winning teams.


BEST TOURNAMENT SENIOR TEAM : Special San Roque Experience Prize + 2 GF.
BEST TOURNAMENT MIXED TEAM: Special San Roque Experience Prize + 2 GF.
BEST TOURNAMENT LADIES TEAM : Special Prize Experience San Roque + 2 GF.

BEST HCP TEAM: Sport equipment.
BEST SCRATCH COUPLE: Sport equipment.
Nearest to the ping: Special prize for products and gifts from the San Roque area.




La Reserva Club restaurants offer a Mediterranean culinary experience based on simplicity and warmth the whole year around. Enjoy authentic Andalusian cuisine with a contemporary touch and a European twist at this charming restaurant on the doorstep of the golf course.

The Beach takes the purest essence of a beach to La Reserva hills, the location of the first and only private beach in Spain. A paradise where families, adults and children of all ages can relax and have fun.


The magnificent restaurant is the icing on the cake of this resort, featuring huge terraces with views of the sea and golf course, as well as a convention centre, which make our Club the perfect place to celebrate an event.


The Real Sotogrande Golf Club is considered to be one of the culinary references of San Roque. Among its spectacular complementary services is one of the best restaurants in the whole area. Located on the first floor of the clubhouse with views of the golf course and sea. The menu offers a wide variety of national and international dishes, as well as a large selection of excellent wines. A unique setting to enjoy with friends in unequalled surroundings.


The Real Valderrama Golf Club is located in Sotogrande and has been one of the most unique venues of international golf since its foundation. Its excellent clubhouse has one of the best restaurants (for members only). The utmost care for detail is the basis for its gastronomic offer. Top quality services with a clear common denominator: culinary excellence.


The San Roque Club is perched atop of the splendid Domecq mansion that irradiates personality and character. The latest and most recent refurbishment of the club has taken its restaurant services to incomparable heights in which visitors and members will fully enjoy international cuisine with one of the best terraces in the entire area. From a snack to an elaborate international dish, The San Roque Club cuisine really stands out as it is based on excellence and a taste for customer satisfaction.


One of the jewels that La Cañada Golf houses is its restaurant service that is at the forefront of the excellent gastronomy available in the area. On summer nights, its magnificent terrace from which you can enjoy unique views of Sotogrande, becomes a culinary and leisure reference among visitors who come to this corner of Southern Europe.


Since its opening, Almenara Golf has been one of the most outstanding locations in Sotogrande. This setting, with unbeatable views of the Rock of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean as far as Sierra Bermeja, is one of the ideal places to relax and enjoy your post-golf day. In addition, the latest refurbishment of this club has enhanced these unbeatable conditions even more to fully enjoy international cuisine.



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