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The circuit is a tournament is divised for federated players aged 18 or more, playing in teams. Six golf courses will be played within the regular circuit plus a Final, under the Best Ball Stableford teams category. The Grand Final at Real Club Valderrama will be played by the 6 best teams qualified in the final handicap ranking and the 6 best teams qualified in the Scratch category.

There is also the possibility that couples only register for regular tests individually without having to compete throughout the circuit. The maximum EGA game handicap will be 24.4 for men and 32.4 for women.


6 golf courses will be played in San Roque on the dates chosen by the tournament organiser and will be published at least one month in advance of the start of the first opening round. The Sotogrande Golf Challenge 2021 course headquarters will be at La Reserva de Sotogrande, Alcaidesa Links Resort (Heathland Course), The San Roque Club (Old Course), Almenara Golf, La Cañada Golf Club and the Real Sotogrande Golf Club, with the Gran Final at the RealValderrama Golf Club. All events will be played under the Stableford Best Ball teams category.

The starting date will be June 2021 and the end date in November 2021. All players aged 18 or more and who are holders of a valid federation licence issued by the Spanish Royal Golf Federation may register.

The maximum EGA game handicap will be 24.4 for men and 32.4 for women.

This handicap will be used for the results and qualifying by course venue and general totals. The game handicap will be updated each day of competition.

The starting bars will be assigned according to the criteria established in these regulations indistinctly for each player, for each course, at the time of formalising the registration, and they cannot be changed during the competition.

The men’s category will have their output in yellow bars while the women’s category will have it in red.

The starting bars of the possible substitute players will be the official ones of the event (yellow and red).

The circuit is devised as a Stableford tournament, being played on each course under this premise and on a single 18-hole competition day. All courses will be played under the Stableford Best Ball teams category.

Teams will be able to choose to compete in the entire Sotogrande Golf Challenge circuit or register only for individual events on the calendar. The qualifying teams will be the 12 best pairs in the ranking, 6 scratch and 6 handicap. Playing a minimum number of tournaments is not compulsory to count for the global ranking that gives access to the Grand Final at Real Valderrama Golf Club.

In addition, the teams that only play at individual events on the calendar will be able to choose to add points to the ranking that gives access to the grand final at Real Valderrama Golf Club.


The different rankings will be set up by adding the result of he team in each of the six tournaments played. It is not compulsory to play in a minimum.

Therefore each participating team has the possibility of not attending any of the events, leaving what they consider not to be added to the points in the final ranking.

The Grand Final at Real Valderrama Golf Club will be played by the 6 best couples classified in the final handicap ranking and the 6 best couples classified in the Scratch category.

In the event of a tie in both rankings, the next handicap team in the ranking will have access to the final to be played at Real Valderrama Golf Club. The final ranking will be determined by the points obtained in each of the events played.

Each participating couple has, therefore, the possibility of adding points based on their classification,
which will be distributed as follows:

1.- Qualified Team: 100 points
2.- Qualified Team: 80 points
3.- Qualified Team: 75 points
4.- Qualified Team: 70 points
5.- Qualified Team: 65 points
6.- Qualified Team: 60 points
7.- Qualified Team: 55 points
8.- Qualified Team: 50 points
9.- Qualified Team: 45 points
10.- Qualified Team: 40 points

The final ranking will be determined by the points obtained in each of the disputed events. Therefore each participating teams has the possibility of adding points based on their ranking, which will be distributed as follows:

From position 11, inclusive, all participating teams who complete and deliver their card will add 10 points that will be added to their final ranking while teams who do not present or who do not complete their day of competition will not add any points to their accumulated points.

The starting times are designed to provide maximum excitement and spectacularity to the event. On the first course they will be organised in order to sum up the exact handicaps, with a maximum of 100 teams per tournament. For the rest of the courses that make up the regular calendar of the Sotogrande Golf Challenge, it will be done in reverse in the order of the general team handicap ranking.

Requests for starting time changes will not be accepted. The Competition Committee has the power, in very special cases, to alter the starting order.

The pre-established schedules will begin to be played on different days from 9:30 am onwards with the exception of Real Sotogrande Golf Club where it will begin at 12:00h.

In the event of a tie in the results in each of the regular circuit events, the tiebreaker will take place with the following specifications:

* Lowest HCP of the team in the handicap category.

* The team with the lowest exact EGA handicap played will be declared the winner.

* If all options are used, the position will be decided by draw.

In the event of a tie in the results, both in first place and in all the others, the best result obtained by the team on the last course played will be taken into account. If the tie persists, what is stated in the sections designated for tie and tiebreaker cases is stated on the previous page will be taken into account.

When the final results are published, the result of the competition will be considered officially announced and the event closed.

The use of buggies is authorised, and each player is responsible for booking them online or in person at each venue. The fee must be paid by each member of the team, bookings are subject to availability. Failure to book in advance may lead to there not being availability at each course.

The use of buggies will only be allowed forhe players / official participants in each event, the use of them by any companion is completely prohibited.

Claims will only be accepted within 24 hours after each course has been played and they must be communicated in writing to the Test Committee in order to give them official processing.

When circumstances so advise, the game will be temporarily suspended according to the Rules of Golf.

When appropriate, it will also resume in accordance with the Rules and in the event that the Competition Committee decides to suspend a day, a date similar to the day played will be sought, always depending on the availability of the host club.

The Competition Committee may declare a course void when it is impossible for all those registered to complete the event, so advises, thus leaving the circuit reduced in the number of courses.


A total of 100 teams with the lowest sum of the exact handicap of both players will form the field of the tournament in each hosting course. In the event that any test does not complete the Field, the headquarters course will be able to sell spaces until fully booked.

Each team must formalise their registration through the website indicating their name, licence and name of the club they are a member. Once these procedures have been confirmed, the Administrative Director will send the amount to be paid by bank transfer for the whole team in a single transfer indicating the name of the team and its players. The Registration fee for each player is as follows: Members (from a host club): € 500 Non-members: € 750

In the case of teams completing the course in each host course, this will be the one that establishes the relevant game rights.

The deadline to sign up for the circuit is 25th June 2021, at 12:00 pm. The registration deadline for each individual event will be established by each hosting club.

Formulario de inscripción

El circuito está concebido como un torneo Stableford, disputándose en cada campo bajo esta premisa y sobre una única jornada de competición de 18 hoyos.

Se jugarán en seis campos dentro del circuito regular más una Final, bajo la modalidad de Mejor bola Stableford Parejas. La Gran Final en el Real Club Valderrama la disputarán las 12 mejores parejas clasificadas del ranking final handicap y las 12 mejores parejas clasificadas en categoría Scratch.

El hándicap EGA máximo de juego será de 24,4 para caballeros y 32,4 señoras.

El precio de inscripción es de 500€ por jugador que sea socio de algún club sede ( Es necesario indicarlo en desplegable del formulario ). Para los jugadores no socios el precio de la inscripción por participante será de 750€.

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